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It has been said that if what interests the child is not in the child's best interest, then we must make what is in the child's best interest interesting. This was what prompted me to create the GABIAN MOVEMENT where young people can uphold virtues and values without necessarily missing out of the vibes of life. Living a positive life should not necessarily make your life boring. A virtuous life does not have to be a moody life. You can be sociable yet amiable. You can pursue wealth without calling for God's wrath. You can be high in spirit without being drunk. You can make mistakes but should not be proud of them. 

In the GABIAN MOVEMENT, we know and believe our lives would be the consequence of what we make life become for others. We live and let others live. We do not believe the end justifies the means; we believe the means is as important as the end. We preach that you should not steal because you want to make your parents happy. We believe there is nothing good that cannot come by through good means. Evil is never the only route to anything good in life. 

In the GABIAN MOVEMENT, we understand that life and living come in turns. We know that success and greatness are for those who can wait. As GABIANS, we believe there is a time to sow and a time to reap. We understand in our movement that the real worth of any man is not tied to material possession but the radiation of value. We know as GABIANS that the quality of our lives is strongly a function of our companionship so we are only selectively available. We do not associate because of what you offer, but because of what we infer in terms of your life values and guiding principles. 

And essentially, we are boundless and have no boundaries. We share no secret oaths and swear to nobody. Once you share our values, wherever you are in the world, you can lay claim to our movement and proudly say you are a GABIAN. 

We are GABIANS: An Assembly of the Intelligentsia! 



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