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Your Wife Has A Right To Your Phone And Must Be Aware Of Every Deal You Transact - South African Pastor Tells Men

Dr. Thomas Mukala, a well-known South African pastor, has some advice for husbands. 

Because she has entrusted them with their future, all wives, according to the clergyman, have a right to their husbands' phones. 

On Sunday, May 15, the General Overseer of True Worshippers Word Empowerment Ministry in Sandton, Johannesburg, declared this. 

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He wrote;

"YOUR WIFE HAS A RIGHT TO YOUR PHONE," said the pastor who has been married since 2012. 

 What are you hiding? How come she doesn’t know your password?

Either you are hiding a woman or money deals or miss using your money.Marriage require a full disclosure

All Wife has a right to her husband's phone, i am advising men to be open and transparent to their wives

She has entrusted you with her future. She has a right to know that you're not risking her life with an immoral lifestyle

So many women are insecure in their marriages because of secrecies around the man's phone

Your wife must know every deal you transact. Why are you working so hard if not for your family?

Your money as a man is not your money, it is family money. God blesses you to support your family. It's your honour to hand over your salary to your wife

Women in general are far better than Men in planning family finances. While many men scatter family resources, but most women and not all account for every penny. Like my Wife.


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