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NANS Lagos Condemned The Police for Tear Gasing the June 12 protester in Lagos

NANS Lagos Condemned The Police for Tear Gasing the June 12 protester in Lagos 

Saturday, June 12, 2021

NANS Lagos under the leadership of Comrade Olalere Moshood Samuel condemn in its entirety the brutal actions of the Nigeria Police Force and particularly the Lagos Command. The attempt to undermine the peoples rights to protest under the guise of security intelligence of  possible high jacked is not civil and unacceptable by us.

We believe that, protest is inalienable right of every citizen backed by the Law of the federal republic of Nigeria. The responsibility of the Police Force is to protects the lives and properties of all Nigerians, including protesters. 

In Nigeria today, the realities before us are; persistent insecurity, killings and kidnapping of people by unknown gun men, increase in price level for all commodities which is accompanied by continued decline in the purchasing power of workers, youth joblessness and many more. Giving all these realities, there can not be any better time for Nigerians to show their displeasure other than now. 

As a body, we believe June 12 is symbolic in the history of Nigeria's democracy and  the struggle for  better Nigeria. For Us, we believe the June 12 Protest is in order. 

We equally call on the Nigerian people not to make the protest a one off protest. NANS in Lagos is ready join struggle with other pro peoples societies to genuinely defend the rights of Lagos people to good life and better living.

June 12 democracy day is realization of the peoples struggle for more than two decades, On this note, we congratulates Nigerians on the victory June 12 symbolized. 

Dare to struggle 

Dare to win.


Comr. Olalere Moshood Samuel
Chairman, NANS LAGOS

Comr. Tomomewo seunfunmi 

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