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5 key things a woman can do to be more attractive to a man

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are the prettiest lady amongst your 'mbogi' or rather team, but still you don't attract more men? Your rieng' is still down?

It is more than the good looks that men find attractive in a woman. Your pretty face and that curvy figure is not enough, they may speak out in bold, but your personality matters a lot.

Some ways to look more attractive to a man include the following:

1. Just make your own cash
If you won't financially drain him in any way, then no man will want to miss such an opportunity. For that reason, you realise a working lady among your group attracts more potentials than any of you...Make money.

2. Reduce the number of your male friends
Most men understand each other, they know most of your male friends want to have at least one chance, in a bedroom with you. To be more attractive to any given man, reduce male friends.

3. Don't swim in a pool of perfumes
If you have to smell nice, then do not overdo it. You might be smelling nice but most people, including men, don't want to be bothered or irritated by that strong smell.

4. Give your compliments
Not only women like to be complimented, even men like compliments. However, be genuine with it.

5. Show your care
At least let him see that he is meeting a caring woman who is concerned about others' feelings and emotions.

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