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Regina Daniels Was Paid N1BN Sign Up Fee To Marry Ned Nwoko; Relocating To London Soon

Regina Daniels has been one of the most popular teenagers in Nigeria for a while now due to her recent exploits as a Nollywood movie actress and also her own infamous marriage to Nigerian Billionaire Politician, Ned Nwoko. The actress recently married the politician to the bemusement of many Nigerians both fans and non fans. Many claimed she was the 6th wife of the highly sought after but physically unattractive billionaire, Ned Nwoko, but the man has come out to debunk the claim, clarifying that she is only the 5th wife and not the 6th wife.

Reports currently making rounds now is that Regina Daniels is already 4 months pregnant for the billionaire and plans are being made to relocate the petit actress of one of the billionaire's mansion in London! What a life!

Insider sources claimed that Regina Daniels has been placed on a N100M per month stipend from the billionaire politician and was given N1BN just to agree to the marriage, as you would have guessed, the entire arrangement was for a marriage of convenience.

Regina Daniels needs to be congratulated on her perfect move in securing her generation for life, it is unfortunate that she lives in a country where the system and people has failed the youths and several generations to come, as such, she is left with very limited options to survive in which getting in bed with a 59 years old ugly old fart is one of the ways, in other words more like prostituting herself to such an old man, but to her credit she has done this for the maximum gains and now the envy of many of her senior colleagues and Nollywood actresses who have tried to achieve such feat of finding a old billionaire to marry and get his money but has been unsuccessful in it.

Before Regina Daniels we have former Nollywood actresses like Daniella Okeke, Chika Ike and alot of other Igbo actresses who live a lavish lifestyle without any source of income aside from an old politician who has decided to seek the actresses body for their greedy pleasures

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